Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC)

The HERDC collects eligible research publications and research income for reporting to the Federal Government. The quantity of income and publications reported has a direct effect on the amount of Research Block Grant funding allocated to the university.

The collection is compiled annually around March-June, and reports on research income and publications from the previous calendar year.

What we collect

2012 Performance

Research income

VU academics and HDR students contributed to an eligible income figure of $14,023,900 in 2012. Compared to 2011, this represents an increase of 17%, and compares favourably to the previous increase from 2010 to 2011 of 13%.

VU HERDC Income 2010-2012

The Victoria University Research Planincludes an income target of $25 million by 2016. The 2012 result of $14 million places VU on track to achieve the 2016 target.

Refereed journal publications

VU journal totals reported in 2012 are 14% more than in 2011, double the increase from 2010-2011.

VU HERDC publications 2010-2012

Other publication types are collected and reported for the HERDC. The Victoria University Research plan focuses on journals as a measure of research quality, and this practice is reflected in international rankings exercises and other quality metrics. The Research Plan includes a 2016 target of 521 (author-weighted) journal publications. The 2012 result places VU on track to achieve the 2016 target.

Reporting author-weighted totals
Journals are reported as an author-weighted count. For example, a journal publication with one author at this university, and a second author at another university would be allocated 0.5 weighted points.

717 journals publications were collected for the calendar year 2012. When compared with the number of author-weighted points (430.57) this result is evidence of a high amount of collaborative research (that is, many journals with more than one external author)

College breakdown

For college breakdown of income and journal publications, please download the password-protected Powerpoint PDF. If you have difficulty downloading the file, please email research-data@vu.edu.au and a PDF file will be sent to you via email.

How we use collected data

Data collected for HERDC is reused for a number of external reporting requirements, and also contributes to the Research Activity Index (RAI ), Research Support Fund (RSF) and other internal benchmarking exercises.


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