2015 Creative Works as Research Collection

      - 2015 Creative Works as Research Collection
      - Why is it important to you to submit your work?
      - General guidelines
      - Submission process
      - VU categories and scale classifications

Creative Works as Research are a key element of Victoria University's standing as a research institution active in the creative arts.

The Creative Works as Research Collection retains information about creative works of research significance across VU. It directly recognizes and enables the rewarding of creative practitioners at VU engaged in research.

2015 Creative Works as Research Collection

The 2015 Creative Works as Research Collection (CWRC) has commenced.

The CWRC focusses on outputs that were publicly available in 2014 and meet the criteria specified in the new Creative Works as Research Guidelines, which have just been released and are available in the VU Central Policy Register.

The new Guidelines contain more comprehensive categories, in line with Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA), including the recognition of non-traditional research output types relating to creative research works.

A new Measure of Research Activity (MORA) calculation matrix will apply to eligible creative works outputs from 2014.

Staff and students producing Creative Works which meet the requirements of Creative Works as Research Guidelines are required to submit an online application form and provide the necessary supporting documentation.

Why is it important to you to submit your work?

Your eligible to include sumbissions will be

General Guidelines

To be eligible for inclusion, Work submitted in the Creative Works as Research Collection must meet the definition of research. In the context of creative works, research is defined as the creation of new knowledge or the use of existing knowledge in new and creative ways so as to generate new concepts, methodologies, inventions and understandings. This could include synthesis and analysis of previous research to the extent that it is new and creative.

Submission Process

  • To submit Creative Works
    1. Before you begin:
    2. Begin your submission
  • Deadline

    Submissions are due to the Office for Research by Monday 03 August 2015.

  • Submission evaluation

    Submissions will be reviewed by the University Creative Research Works Evaluation Committee to ensure compliance with the Guidelines. Notifications will be sent to the submitting authors once the evaluation outcome is released.

  • Queries/Contacts

    VU Categories and Scale Classifications

  • VU Creative Works as Research Categories

    Categories of each creative works as research output type and their underlying categories are listed below:
  • VU Creative Works as Research Scale Classifications

    The works are classified as major, substantial or minor. The measures for scale classifications vary from one creative discipline to another. It is considered the responsibility of the researcher, as expert in their field, to substantiate appropriately the claim of the scale of the research output via the evidence provided.





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